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Submitted on
March 30, 2013


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From now on please follow this journal for updates! 
Magic Knight contest - Winners!For contest's info, deadlines, and prizes
Please kindly visit the previous journal:

Hi everyone!
Firstly, we want to say thank you to every contestants for your cooperation with us in the last 2nd round of the contest.
You all did a wonderful job, which is admirable.
However, there are only 5 top winners. 
We did a lot among entries to choose the winners. 
The judging factors are: 
Level of details - Skills - Creativeness - Diversity between each level of the card - Enthusiasm - Efforts - and Cooperation. 
Many factors right? You can see that it caused us headaches. 
Luckily the voting gave us a result.
Now, not to waste your time. Let's see who the winners are.
♚♚♚  FIRST PLACE ♚♚♚

Your prizes:
Your card will be used in our game.
500$ via Paypal
1272 DA points
In game items: 1 Premium card pack and other supplement item

Thank you! <3

Hi everyone!
Some of you may know I've been working on a Card battle game project for my company, VNG corp, Vietnam. The game is called Magic Knight, and is planned to be released this late April or mid May.
We're now hosting a contest for card entries, with cash and in game prizes! Also the opportunity to work with us more in the future!
We have unlimitted slots for runner ups, with prizes too! Which means as long as your entry is appealing to us, you can win something! Sweet?<3
If you're interested in joining the contest, please read the information below carefully!
Any impolite comments will be marked as spams, and may be reported. Please be nice! C:
All comments unrelated to questions for info will be hidden so that it's easier for you to find more info from the comments. <3

Magic Knight

  • General info: A card battle game, belongs to DeNA Japan,  VNG corp., playable on Yahoo!Mobage.
  • Mainly targeted market: Male Japanese gamers
  • Briefed storyline: Being a player, you'll be the hero of the game, leading an army of girls to claim the world back, which makes all of the cards in the game feature female characters, any age, any race, any kind of ability, as long as she has the will to accompany you throughout your journey!

Contest objective

  • To join this contest, your task is drawing a card of your own magical girl that will be a part of your army. Create a new helper!
  • It's a card battle game, and if you're familiar with this type of game, you would know that every card has different levels. Yes.
  • But you're not asked to draw all the levels in this contest. You only need to draw the HIGHEST level, which means, show us your best! Be creative!

Entry's requirements

  • Style: Anime/Manga. Or Semi-realistic-anime. Full colored, including character and background. Character doesn't have to be full body, but should be at least waist/thigh up.
  • Media: Digital art only.
  • Canvas size: 2000 x 2800 pixel, 300dpi

Who can join?

Any artist on the world who has read the info carefully and want to join can join.

How to enter - Contest's steps

  • You don't need to comment on this journal saying that you will join, just start drawing!
  • Send ZenithOmocha a NOTE to your submission when you've finished before the deadline for submissions!  :bulletred: [We're here!]
  • Wait till the semi finalists are announced. If you are in this list, you are sure to be one of the runner ups, and you will get a prize! (see Prizes section)
  • We'll contact each of the runner ups individually for info checking, and we will ask you to offer us the other levels of your card at this time! We MAY want you to change your design here and there to fit our game better.
  • After we've collected all the cards, we'll make a decision on the final 5 winners.

Time line

Starting time: Now!
  1. Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, April 30th, 2013. 
  2. Semi finalists announcement: Saturday, May 4th, 2013.
  3. Deadline for all levels submitted: Sunday. May 19th, 2013, 11:59PM, GMT+7, Hanoi-Jarkarta timezone. :bulletred:. [We're here!]
  4. Winners announcement: Friday, May 31st, 2013


  1. By wanting to join this contest, you agree that we will have the rights to use your entry as a card in the game Magic Knight, if you win.
  2. DO NOT use base of any kind, or other stocks without permission. All you can use are free stocks AND your own skill. We don't want any IP violation case in this contest.
  3. You have to state in the artist's comments of the submission that your picture is an entry for this contest and link to this journal.
  4. Don't submit the full sized file to your gallery. Only submit a smaller size that's enough for us to see and judge, around 25-30%.
  5. You don't have to submit the entry to your gallery if you don't want to. Just submitting it to your or Photobucket and linking us is fine.
  6. Remember to keep the PSD/SAI file so that it's the easiest to make different levels from it! Because in case you win, there will be a need for it, ofcourse.
  7. No limitted entry per person. But please keep in mind we look for quality, not quantity.
  8. Collaborations are allowed. But please choose ONE representative to submit the entry and receive the prize in case you win. How you share your prize is decided by YOU.


:bulletred: Skill -> Creativity -> Detail level.
:star: And following the info. Even if your entry is incredible, if you don't read everything carefully, you still have the risk to lose. So please read!


:star::star::star: ONE 1st prize:
  1. Your card will be used in our game.
  2. 250$ via Paypal OR 20,000 DA points if you don't have Paypal (*)
  3. 6 months premium membership on DA OR 1272 DA points
  4. In game items: 1 Premium card pack and other supplement items (**)

:star::star::star: TWO 2nd prizes: Each winner gets:
  1. Your card will be used in our game.
  2. 150$ via Paypal OR 12,000 DA points if you don't have Paypal (*)
  3. 3 months premium membership on DA OR 636 DA points
  4. In game items: 1 Premium card pack and other supplement items (**)

:star::star::star: TWO 3rd prizes:  Each winner gets:
  1. Your card will be used in our game.
  2. 50$ via Paypal OR 4,000 DA points if you don't have Paypal (*)
  3. 1 months premium membership on DA OR 396 DA points
  4. In game items: 1 Premium card pack and other supplement items (**)

:star::star::star: Unlimitted runner ups! Which are all the left entries by the semi finalists.
  1. Your card will be used in our game.
  2. 25$ via Paypal OR 2000 DA points if you don't have Paypal.(*)
  3. In game supplement items (**)

(*) This prize will be DOUBLED if we receive more than 250 participants!
(**) The item list will be announced when the game's officially released. You only get this prize if you sign up to our game. No equal exchange to cash or DA points available.


- Here are some cards we've submitted to DA
Magic Knight: Little oni by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Kendo girl by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Mad Hatter by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Singing girl by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Alice by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Bunny Angel by ZenithOmochaENGAGE MODE: ON by KahoOkashiiMagic Knight: Koi girl by ZenithOmochaCecilia Ritzhevin by KahoOkashiiUmi no Kamisama - Poseidon by KahoOkashiiCard Battle Game by thuynganGod of Hell- Succubus by KahoOkashiiMagic Knight: Fox Spirit by ZenithOmochaMagic Knight: Icy elf ranger by ZenithOmocha
- Or you can look at other card battle games' card for ideas.
- Best references from other games' card can come from Rage Of Bahamut's cards:…  We use the same leveling up system. (flipping, changing colors, adding details)


1. The cards only feature female characters?
- Yes. We want them to look moe/sexy as well. But not in a R18+ way. Just their natural sexiness like curves and expressions. C:

2. How old can the character be?
- However old you think she can be to start fighting.  As long as it makes sense, it's good. (But we're not looking for some newly born babies or old ladies. ^_^; We need the sexiness. Yeah.)
How many characters can there be in a picture?
- 1 or at most 2, in case you want to draw twins or blood related sisters. It should make sense.

3. What are the races/ classes I can use?
- Here's our temporary race list (you can choose from this)
+ Human
+ Fairy
+ Elf
+ Angel
+ Devil
+ Demon
+ Youkai (Japanese)
+ Myth
+ Sci-fi/Mecha
:pointr: HOWEVER!:
- Most of the normal/most popular ones must have been officially drawn by our artists by the end of the contest, so be as creative as possible! Hints for you: hybrids or some mixed classes/races will be good!
- NO fairy tales' characters will win the contest, because this class has been taken up by our artists.

4. How many prizes can I get if I have many entries?
- You can only win 1 final prize, but unlimitted runner up prizes. For example if you join with 5 entries, and 4 of them are of good quality and suitable to be in our game, and 1 of those 4 really stands out among all the entries we receive. That 1 entry can get the 1st prize, while the other 3 will be runner ups. The prizes are given to 'entries', not 'contestants', that is. C:
- Please take note that joining with many entries doesn't ensure you a prize. We priority quality over quantity.

Other questions can be found answered detailedly among the comments. Read them up! :D

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! We'll get back on you asap!

Contest entries

Take a look at this folder:…
Please send ZenithOmocha another note if you don't see your entry after submitting for 3 days.

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hachimitsu-ink Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
bangs head on table*
I wish i knew you guys before hand so I could join but i guess i have to wait next timeT_T!
Jenna-sis Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
Hey sweetie, are you able to update the progress of the game?
I haven't been able to find any information about it since the delayed launch date
ZenithOmocha Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
All that I can say now is the game will be finalized at the end of this month. I'm not sure if it will be good enough to be released on Yahoo!Mobage yet, that's up to our uppers. But if it will, I will surely have a journal about it. ^_^
Pchoberry Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HOW DID i MISS THIS?! :iconotlplz:
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omg i wish i didn't have finals now T^T!!! i really want to join but im busy and my art isn't so good QAQ
God-Of-Fags Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there still time to enter the contest?
(I entered before but didn't feel as though my last entry was good enough)
AdmirenKiwi Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Id like critique. Besides the dynamic pose and shoujoish eyes, which I know got me eliminated. Just good to kno wat else :>
MistiousStar Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Question, since my entry did not make it to the semi finalist, or the second chance. (therefore not owned by your company) I have the right to make prints of it, correct?
ZenithOmocha Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
Yes. Of course. C:
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