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August 18, 2013
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Adoptables auction batch 1 [closed] by ZenithOmocha Adoptables auction batch 1 [closed] by ZenithOmocha
Mmmm ok so here's the 1st batch of 10 of my old designs/adoptables/OCs that haven't been used/sold.

:new: There will be bonus thank you gift ( a blinky page doll/pixel of them) if the bid gets over 50$.

Auctions will end in 3 days - Wed, Aug 21st, 2013, 11:59PM GMT+7 / 12hrs after the latest bid from Aug 21st.

Short rules:
- Only bid when you have the money to pay and are ready to pay.
- I will tell you if you're outbidded, but to make sure, please follow the bids yourself. ' v '/
- No resell, no claiming the orginal design as yours.
- After winning you can develope the character(s) as you like.
- Minimum increasement is 1 USD.
- Paypal and points acceptable. 1USD = 100 points.
- If you pay with Paypal, you will have to send the payment as a gift, or choose Personal Payments and pay the fee for me. ' v '/
- To prevent sniping, I will extend the auction by 12 hours after the latest bid until there are no more.
- Winner will need to reply to my note and/or send the payment within 24hrs, or the adopt will belong to the next highest bidder.

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 1 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconad-opt: - 99 USD

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 2 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconseekinglucidity: - 85 USD

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 3 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconmrlionheart: - 42 USD

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 4 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconmsmeli: - 20 USD

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 5 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconmello--chan: - 500 points

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 6 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconkilichan: - 14 USD

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 7 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -HB: :iconecanusiofiel: - 1,000 points

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 8 [CLOSED] -PAID
    -Belongs to :iconxusako: - 16 USD
    -AB: 20$

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 9 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconkilichan: - 20$

    :bulletgreen: BID HERE FOR 10 [CLOSED] - PAID
    -Belongs to :iconmitsukisart: - 10 USD
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Kai-Matsumoto Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can you give me some drawing tips please
Xandamus Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ThyneOwnSlave Aug 21, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hmmm... how much is 6 in points? Sorry I can't tell. TnT
1,400 points. ^_^
However, he was sold. ; v ;/
ThyneOwnSlave Aug 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
Oh, I see. He was the only one left when I commented, so I guess that means they bought him after I asked. :shrug: Oh well. Maybe I'll just go hug somebody to their death.
Aww, ; v ; *pats you* Actually it was my fault for seeing your comment so late. Orz, sorryyy.

There's always a next time. ; v ;/<3
shadowpup270343 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my wow! :iconcannotevenplz: These are all so amazing! 
Kida-10 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist
My favorites are 1,7,9 and 10
ImGerik Aug 21, 2013  Student General Artist
All of them... Are so beautiful. ;-;
whoa staring at this made me realize one thing about guy characters! they all have their necks hidden 0_0
(naruto, sasuke, #1-4 and 9, and a bunch more)
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